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KC James experienced a loss that shattered her. The sudden death of her daughter and unborn grandson in a tragic car accident changed her life in every way. Like many, KC had experienced the death of people she loved, including her father’s suicide, but this tragedy broke her. With no way to change what had happened and no way to put it back together, her broken heart remained open. She emerged to an entirely new life and a willingness to share her experience. He story has inspired and comforted many.

KC transformed her darkest moment into a world of light for herself and others. From the depths of grief, into a life of abundance, she now sees her daughter’s death as the single greatest gift of her life. Deep meaning and self-discovery lead KC to a life of writing; clarity and compassion have allowed her to connect to others. KC became a certified Grief Recovery Specialist to help others navigate their way through the pain of loss.

Her story will enrich and inspire you to examine the great mysteries of life with an open and heart and mind. KC has done so much more than survive a tragedy, she has moved deeply into grief, embraced it, and emerged a woman of grace and courage who tells the truth and is brave enough to be her own real self. Through writing and speaking engagements she shares her journey of inspiration and dares us to find the possibility in the pain.

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